Peace & Love, Ohtori

A juxtaposition of Information Society lyrics and the slapping of Utena, and Anshi, and Miki and Anshi, and …

My first Utena video, inspired by discussions that there should be a slap counter for this anime. Well, how about a slap video instead, ne?

I love the sound of movement in Information Society songs, but damn they have some long bridges. Then again, what better place to use a transformation sequence. 🙂


Peace & Love, Incorporated

Peace & Love, Incorporated : SONG>

Information Society : ARTIST>

Utena : ANIME>

June, 1999 : DATE

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Look at the world, it’s a complicated place
And it’s hard to keep the pace
You’ve got to wear a smiling face
But what we’ve got is a blue-light speical on truth
It’s the hottest thing with the youth
You’ve got nerves we need to sooth

If you’ve got to believe in something
Believe in us we make it easy
Peace and Love, Incorporated

Shop around
See if you don’t agree
We think it fits you to a ‘T’
And the best part is it’s free
I believe
We got the market cornered this time
We can make you feel fine
It could impact your bottom line

If you’ve got to belong to something
Belong to us we’ll make you PC
Peace and Love, Incorporated

Peace and love
It’s the newest cause by far
And we’ve got all the biggest stars
Get your politics up to par

Welcome, welcome
To Peace and Love, Incorporated

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