And I Miss You

Cardcaptor Sakura is my favorite anime, and I enjoy watching the relationship between Sakura and Yukito. Missing is the perfect song for those who have only seen the IMNSHO butchered Cardcaptors episodes.

Please note: if you want to see the majority of scenes used in this video, you will not find them on the “Cardcaptors” DVDs/VHS – you’ll have to watch the real thing: CardCaptor Sakura.

and i miss you

And I Miss You

Missing : SONG>

Everything But the Girl : ARTIST>

Cardcaptor Sakura : ANIME>

November, 2001 : DATE

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I step off the train,
I’m walking down your street again,
And past your door,
But you don’t live there anymore.

It’s years since you’ve been there.
Now you’ve disappeared somewhere
Like outer space,
You’ve found some better place,

And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain.

Could you be dead?
You always were two steps ahead of everyone.
We’d walk behind while you would run.

I look up at your house,
And I can almost hear you shout
Down to me
Where I always used to be.

And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain.

Back on the train,
I ask why did I come again.
Can I confess
I’ve been hanging around your old address?

And the years have proven
To offer nothing since you moved.
You’re long gone but I can’t move on,

And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain

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