First Love Borg

After seeing the guest list for the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this summer, this fan music video popped into my head.

This song is from Robert Picardo’s Extreme Bob CD, and all of the video footage is from the Star Trek movie First Contact, even though Alice Kreig also appeared as the Borg Queen in a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager.

I’ve also made a fan music video to another Robert Picardo recording – Woolsey of La Mancha.

Award: Creation’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August 2010.

SONG – Love Borg
PERFORMED BY> Robert Picardo
MOVIE> Star Trek – First Contact
DATE – June, 2010

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metallic and blue
are aboard
they’re attacking you

and she
will fill you with dread
once you see
her free-floating head

the borg queen
soon will be claiming you as her drone
the borg queen
chromium steel where you once had bone

and you,
were once so unique
till you grew
into a cyber freak

and now those,
who once found you cute
see a hose
in your birthday suit

the borg queen
quietly purring inside your head
the borg queen
she’ll instant message you until your dead

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