Need Comment Votes for Next KSMV

There are two issue I need to address at this time, and I need your help with one of them.

1. I now have 2 password-protected fan music vides on my my home page which is cool, because it means they are off to contests and the folks on my KSMV List have access to exclusive stuff, at least until the end of August. It is slightly uncool in that folks coming by don’t have anything new to see.

2. Usually I have a single music video idea that burns inside of me until I create it out. Thanks to the fabulousness that is the steampunk band Abney Park, I have seven. One I don’t have the footage for, yet. One will take a while because I have 14 hours of footage to go through. So while those are currently off the table, the other five are not, and I’d like your help deciding which one to make first.

I’ll tell you the footage, and while some of the songs I’m going to use are an obvious match, the specific song for each KSMV will remain a surprise until I release it. I’m swamped for the next two weeks, so voting on this will remain open until August 1st 3rd (due to WP upgrade wonkiness).


A. Leave your vote in the comments.

B. Please only vote once, for a single fan music video.

    B.1 If you want your pick to win, get all your friends to vote with you.

C. Here are your choices*

#1 – Brazil

#2 – Edward Scissorhands

#3 – Hamlet (David Tennant & Patrick Stewart BBC version)

#4 – Nightmare Before Christmas

#5 – Twilight

Deadline is 11:59 pm CT August 1 3, 2010.


* the links are affiliate links to You don’t pay any more and I get a few cents if you buy something. Win-win.

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