Vincent and The Doctor in a Different World

Vincent and the Doctor in a Different World fan music video

The finest painter of them all

I’ve wanted to do a fan music video to a song from the Kari gurashi ( Songbook from The Secret World Of Arrietty ) for a while and one day I realized it would work to a single episode of Doctor Who.

The great thing about only using one ep is there is a finite amount of footage. Bad thing about only using one ep – there is a finite amount of footage, and even less footage than the whole ep when I decide I don’t want to use any video that features exclusively the Doctor or the giant alien space chicken.

SONG>: A Different World – NOTE: the “Kari gurashi” CD is different from the Arrietty “soundtrack”

ARTIST>: Cecile Corbel

FOOTAGE>: Doctor Who Season 5, Episode #10 – “Vincent and The Doctor”

DATE: March 24, 2013

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Look up at the sky if you feel lonely
This is the same sky I stare at too
I remember the day
 your eyes fell on me
So shining eyes 
now I’m wondering

Why are you sad?
You knew I had to leave
‘Cause I live in a different world
Still I’m not so far away from you

I feel so small down in the garden
My mind is restless when I think of you
We’re so alike and so different
Not only friends so promise me

Please don’t be sad
Although it’s time to leave
If this is true love
Please save a place in your heart for me


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