I’ve been making music videos since I was a sophomore in high school in 1989 – don’t roll your eyes at me, kiddie. Back in the day, we had two VCR hooked up together and you wore your finger to the bone hitting the REC and PLAY button at the same time to edit your mv.

While my B.S. is in Communication, my minor is Film Editing, and I originally had my heart set on being an editor as my career of choice. Then I discovered you needed to move to LA or NY City in order to do that for a living. Neither of those choices appealed to me at all.

Fortunately the birth of desktop computers had occurred and I discovered I liked and was good at playing with them. So my career path ended up being in mutlimedia programming for a few years and then (and now) information architecture, which is editing in a slightly different way.

But I never lost my love for music videos.

For many years it was an itch that eventually had to be scratched, and I turned out one or two and then got back to other stuff. After focusing on my writing (genre novels and short stories) recently, I realized I hadn’t made a music video for over two years.

And then the itch hit like a blanket of poison ivy, and I’m back into making music videos on a regular basis.

I’ve also added Screen Grab Galleries to this site, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and only recently found the technology to accomplish. Basically it’s a bunch of chronological screen captures from a TV show or movie. I find them to be an incredible resource when making a music video, and thought someone out there on teh interwebs might as well.

My latest accomplishment is sweeping the Creation Convention Stargate cons in 2009. My videos won in Vancouver, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Pretty nifty.

The earlier music videos are in Real Player format, and I apologize. It was good at the time (1999, remember? Okay, some of you were probably not even walking that year. Sigh). I am going to put up better versions once I make time to process the original files, so Patience, Grasshopper.

If you have any questions about my mvs, please feel free to contact me.

And yes, I know WordPress didn’t exist in 1999. I’ve replaced my old static HTML page with this WordPress site because it’s easier to maintain, tag, search, and have search engines index. I’ve kept the original dates and comments for historical purposes. Old folks like me like that kind of thing.

Any copy with “>” after it means clicking that link will take you off to another site. I’ll still be here when you get back, so go have fun.

I use my Amazon affiliate links so if you buy something, I get a few cents. You don’t pay any more for your item, and you help me pay for this website, so it’s a win-win situation. Please remember me when you do your Christmas shopping.