May 8 2010

SGU Rush Away Winna!

Guess what I got in the mail today?
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Apr 16 2010

Leverage Screengrab Gallery Updated

Okay, so I’ve actually had these screengrabs gathering virtual dust on my hard drive for a few months. But now, they are virtual dust free and available for your browsing and fan music video creation pleasure.

The Nigerian Job
The Homecoming Job
The Wedding Job
The Snow Job
The Mile High Job
The Miracle Job
The Two Horse Job
The Bank Shot Job
The Stork Job
The Juror #6 Job
The 12 Step Job
The First David Job
The Second David Job

Feb 5 2010

In-Post Video Now Available


You can watch the Ronon Whip Ass music video from the blog post page now. It’s the QuickTime version, which is still available for download.

I’ll be changing up the other mv posts to also display their videos on the page. It’s not difficult, now that I know what I’m doing; it’s just time-consuming.

As a hand reference, any post that has an image in the introduction has been converted to play a copy of the music video on the page. Any post that starts with just text still has the mv available for download, or you can click on the QuickTime link and it will open a new browser window to play the file.

Jan 16 2010

SGU SG Gallery Update

I now have screen grab galleries for all 10 episodes of the first part of Season 1 of Stargate Universe AKA SGU:

Air, Part 1
Air, Part 2
Air, Part 3

Since the TV show doesn’t start again until April :(, I’ll be making music videos to tide me over. 🙂


Jan 6 2010

New Site Live

So here it is – the new KestrelSempai Music Video website.

Things that have changed:

  • now in WordPress instead of flat HTML
  • easier to update so I will do it more often
  • searchable
  • tagged
  • recent (as in since 2009) music videos are available as iPOD, iPhone, and Quicktime files
  • “the art & science” posts which will contain snippets from my mvs as WIP (works in progress) or to illustrate different aspects of editing or whatever else I want to write about that isn’t News or a new music video
  • posts about and links to other mv creators who’s work I admire
  • SCREEN GRAB GALLERIES (I’m really excited about that one)

Things that will remain the same:

TAGS are musical artist/composers/bands and song titles. Video source footage are CATEGORIES. The number indicates how many music videos have been made to that anime/TV show/movie.

The “>” after a word means that is an external link, and by clicking on it you will leave this site. It will still be waiting for you if you click your browser BACK button.

If possible, I link to Amazon using my Amazon Associates account so if you buy something, I get a few cents. You don’t pay any more for your item, and you help me pay for this website, so it’s a win-win situation.

Comments of any kind always read and, unless spammy, will appear on the site.

I’m intermittently working on creating iPOD, iPhone, and QT versions of the old mvs, so you won’t have to deal with the RealPlayer files any more. Obviously, that’s less exciting than creating a new music video. Therefore, if there is an mv you’d really like to have in a different format, please contact me and I’ll move it to the top of the list. Thanks!

Happy 2010!