Jul 25 2010

Need Comment Votes for Next KSMV

There are two issue I need to address at this time, and I need your help with one of them.
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Jul 21 2010

Canadian McKay, Please

Canadian, Please

Canadian, Please

A Canadian Browncoat friend of mine sent me a link to gunnarolla’s “Canadian, Please” song last year. This month I finally got around to making this Stargate Atlantis fan music video for it. It’s a submission to the Creation Stargate convention> in Chicago, so this post will remain password-protected until the end of August.

Featuring David Hewlett as Rodney McKay, there’s actually a bit of footage from every instance of Stargate, from the movie, to SG-1, lots of SGA, and a shot of Destiny from Stargate Universe.

While only 2:30 long, it took me the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent editing due to the huge volume of footage I had to choose from. Since the song was so short, every shot had to be “perfect” – which meant I edited some places several times before being happy with it. And a lot of these Stargate Atlantis episode I’d hadn’t seen since I first watched them several years ago, so I would stop editing and just end up watching. Not a great hardship, really, just time-consuming. 🙂

Special thanks to macgyvergal> for her vast knowledge of the Stargate franchise, without whom, I may not have met the contest deadline.

Award: Creation’s Stargate Chicago convention in August 2010.

SONG – Canadian, Please
PERFORMED BY> Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie
FOOTAGE> Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Universe
Stargate – The Movie
DATE – July, 2010

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Jul 17 2010

Edward Scissorhands Screen Grab Gallery Online

For those of you who want a screen grab gallery of Tim Burton’s movie Edward Scissorhands.

And for me, who needs it to create an Abney Park> fan music video.


Jul 5 2010

First Love Borg

After seeing the guest list for the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this summer, this fan music video popped into my head.

This song is from Robert Picardo’s Extreme Bob CD, and all of the video footage is from the Star Trek movie First Contact, even though Alice Kreig also appeared as the Borg Queen in a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager.

I’ve also made a fan music video to another Robert Picardo recording – Woolsey of La Mancha.

Award: Creation’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August 2010.

SONG – Love Borg
PERFORMED BY> Robert Picardo
MOVIE> Star Trek – First Contact
DATE – June, 2010

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Jun 30 2010


Mailed off my first Star Trek fan music video to a contest. I’ll have a copy up and password protected sometime this weekend. After the Star Trek Las Vegas convention> where the contest is held is over, I’ll make the music video public.