May 16 2010

Burn Notice Screen Gallery Now Online

Season 1 of Burn Notice is now available in the Screen Gallery.

Burn Notice

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May 8 2010

SGU Rush Away Winna!

Guess what I got in the mail today?
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Apr 19 2010

Lean on Burn Notice

Lean On Me

Parker Havens has an audition video on MySpace for GLEE. After I heard him sing, I wanted to make this Burn Notice fan music video.

Thanks to an email from Parker’s mother, author Candace Havens>, I found out about his video audition in the MySpace GLEE competition> that runs through April 26th.

I went. I listened. I voted. Then I asked Candy if she thought Parker would mind if used his piece in a fan music video. He generously said yes, and this Burn Notice music video is the result.

I haven’t cut a video to just vocals before, so this was a bit of a challenge. There were lots of great Michael & Fiona moments to choose from, but I have to say I like the way the Fiona & Sam scenes cut together. I’ve switched point of view (POV) based on lyrics before, but never so often as in this music video.

If you like music, please go vote for Parker’s MySpace GLEE audition video>! You have to be logged into your MySpace account to vote – then just click this link>, scroll down past the intro movie to see Parker’s entry, and click on the “give a gold star” graphic under his videos.

SONG – Lean on Me
PERFORMED BY> Parker Havens
TV SHOW> Burn Notice
DATE – April, 2010

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Apr 16 2010

Leverage Screengrab Gallery Updated

Okay, so I’ve actually had these screengrabs gathering virtual dust on my hard drive for a few months. But now, they are virtual dust free and available for your browsing and fan music video creation pleasure.

The Nigerian Job
The Homecoming Job
The Wedding Job
The Snow Job
The Mile High Job
The Miracle Job
The Two Horse Job
The Bank Shot Job
The Stork Job
The Juror #6 Job
The 12 Step Job
The First David Job
The Second David Job

Feb 7 2010

Leverage House Rules – Season 1

House Rules

Some music videos are just a given. That’s what I thought after hearing Christian Kane’s “The House Rules” and watching him as Eliot on the Leverage TV show.

A friend pointed me to Christian Kane>‘s website where you can get “The House Rules” mp3 for free. After listening to it a couple dozen times, it was obvious this should be a Leverage> mv.

I only used scenes from Leverage Season 1, and plan to cut another mv to this song using scenes from Leverage Season 2, once it is available on DVD. And again for Season 3, since they have been renewed for another season (yay!)

And for any Leverage fan who doesn’t know about it, the convention Con-the-Con> is coming up in mid-March in Portland, OR. Actors, writers, executive producers and professional confidence men are gathering for a weekend of fannish fun in support of this fabulous TV show. Come join us!

Special thanks to Christian Kane for the song, and Dean Devlin for the show.

SONG – The House Rules
ARTIST> Christian Kane
TV SHOW> Leverage – Season 1
DATE – February, 2010

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