Screen Grab Galleries

One of the keys to making a good music video is to know your footage. This way you can pick the best shot for what you are trying to accomplish with your editing. This means watching your source video … a lot …

Or finding a screen grab gallery.

Each gallery is a single web page representing a single episode or movie. Screen grabs are automatically taken every five seconds, so it’s a good representation of what’s going on, even if each image isn’t the best for that individual scene/shot.

A 1 hour TV episode (42-45 minutes of video) is around 500 images. You should see the screen grabs load at the top of the page right away, then give it a few seconds to load the rest of them.

I personally find a screen capture gallery very useful, and thought maybe other people might as well. As I make more mvs, more screen grab galleries will go online, especially for shows I intend to make more than one music video for, because I need the reference myself. 🙂

BBC Sherlock – Season 1 & 2

Burn Notice – Season 1 & Season 2

Edward Scissorhands – movie

Leverage – Season 1

Stargate Universe / SGU – Season 1