Edward Scissorhands

Kestrelsempai’s screengrab gallery of the Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands. Just wanted to get the gallery online for now – the music video to an Abney Park song is coming soon.

Edward Scissorhands Gallery

Screengrab Gallery Facts:
The Amazon link at the top and bottom of the screen grab pages will lead take you to Amazon.com to the movie detail page. It’s an affiliate link, so anything you buy after clicking through will send a few pennies my way. Think of me at Christmas. 😉

Because it’s a movie, there is a single webpage that includes a screen grab taken every five seconds. What you see is a decent representation of what happened in the movie, but maybe not the best capture for each scene.

There’s over 1200 images in this gallery. The screen grabs will load at the top of the page right away, though it may take a few seconds for the rest of the page to load.