Kestrelsempai’s screengrab gallery of the TV show Leverage. So far only 1 fan music video to this show, but the second season DVDs come out on May 25th, so there will be more – promise.
Screengrab Gallery facts at the bottom of this page.

Leverage – Season 1
The Nigerian Job
The Homecoming Job
The Wedding Job
The Snow Job
The Mile High Job
The Miracle Job
The Two Horse Job
The Bank Shot Job
The Stork Job
The Juror #6 Job
The 12 Step Job
The First David Job
The Second David Job

Screengrab Gallery Facts:
The Amazon link you see at the tops of the screen grab pages is an affiliate link, so anything you buy after clicking through will send a few pennies my way. Thank you in advance.

Each screengrab gallery is one web page representing a one episode. Screen grabs are automatically taken every 5 seconds, so it’s a good representation of what’s going on, but may not be the best looking screengrab for that scene.

Each 1 hour TV episode (42-45 minutes of video) is about 500 images, so you should see the screen grabs load at the top of the page right away, and it may take a few seconds for the rest of the page to load.