Stargate Universe

Kestrelsempai’s screengrab gallery of the TV show Stargate Universe. I’ve made 2 fan music videos to this series, and there will likely be more. Screengrab Gallery facts at the bottom of this page.

Stargate Universe / SGU – Season 1
Air, Part 1
Air, Part 2
Air, Part 3

Screengrab Gallery Facts:
The Amazon link you see at the tops of the screen grab pages is an affiliate link, so anything you buy after clicking through will send a few pennies my way. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂

Each gallery is a single web page representing a single episode or movie. Screen grabs are automatically taken every five seconds, so it’s a good representation of what’s going on, even if each image isn’t the best for that individual scene/shot.

A 1 hour TV episode (42-45 minutes of video) is around 500 images. You should see the screen grabs load at the top of the page right away, then give it a few seconds to load the rest of them.