Nov 16 2009

Woolsey of la Mancha

Man of la Mancha

Man of la Mancha

I bought Robert Picardo’s two CDs when I saw him at the Creation Vancouver SG-1/ SGA convention and both surprised and pleased to hear “Man of la Mancha” on the Extreme Bob CD (listed as Opera2). That has been one of my favorite musicals since seeing it featured in a Quantum Leap ep.

Woolsey does come into his own in SGA season 5, and I love how they gave him such fine moments in the ep “Inquisition”. It seemed like the perfect pairing to me.

Award: Creation’s LA Stargate SG-1 / Stargate Atlantis convention in November 2009.

SONG> Man of la Mancha (Extreme Bob CD)
ARTIST>Robert Picardo
TV SHOW> Stargate Atlantis
DATE: November, 2009

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