SGU Rush Away Winna!

My Stargate Universe fan music video Rush Away – Take 1 won at the 2010 Vancouver Creation con. Go me!

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Why yes, it was a $100 gift certificate good for Creation merchandise. And they didn’t give it to me just because I’m a nice person, although I am.

Back in March, I sent in a copy of my Stargate Universe fan music video called Rush Away – Take 1 to the Stargate convention in Vancouver put on by Creation Entertainment>. I had originally planned to go as well, but the set tour wasn’t available and the fine Creation folk let me switch my ticket out to 2011.

But back to being a winna.

Those same fine Creation folk judged my mv to be a winner, hence the piece of paper that will get me fabulous clothing and photo swag from some of my favorite shows.

Thank you!

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