Guardians of the Galaxy

Magic Guardians of the Galaxy

I’ve always been in your mind

SPOILERS! Just wanted to say that because if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2*, this fan music video will reveal some things that are best not know of beforehand. I knew I wanted an 80’s song for this movie and this one worked out very well to tell the story of Peter’s two paternal influences.

Now to wait for Thor: Ragnarok to come out.. 🙂

* If you’ve seen the first GotG movie, you can find my fan music video for it over here.

SONG> – Magic
PERFORMED BY> The Countdown Singers
FOOTAGE> Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
DATE – October 19, 2017

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts All Night Long

Fantastic Beasts All Night - a kestrelsempai fan music video
Worrying means you suffer twice.

Actually finished this one a few months ago, and thought about putting it up … but apparently never did. Went to start editing a new fan music video and there this was, still sitting in my iMovie Projects. So here it is. Now.

Fantastic Beasts is one of my top movies. Love, love, love Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Newt. Lots going on in that movie, but for this fan music video, I wanted to concentrate on Newt and his creatures.

Fall 2016 was very good to me, with this and Doctor Strange coming out within a month of each other. Looking forward to Fall 2018 and the return of Newt and his suitcase. 🙂

SONG> “All Night”
WRITTEN BY> Parov Stelar
FOOTAGE> Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
DATE – September, 2017

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Doctor Strange MV - Movie

Strange Breath of Life

Strange Breath of Life - kestrelsempai fan music video
To get a dream of life again

New favorite aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Doctor Strange movie. So much in this movie. If it works for you, watch it a couple of times to get all the nuances.

This fan music video is possibly spoilery if you haven’t seen the movie yet … then again, so is the very first fight scene of the movie. 😉

Another Florence + The Machine song that I still listen to on repeat for hours.

Another Benedict Cumberbatch performance I can watch over and over.

SONG> “Breath of Life” from “Snow White & the Huntsman” soundtrack
WRITTEN BY> Florence + The Machine
FOOTAGE> Doctor Strange
DATE – February, 2017

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mp4, 359 MB


Case 503: The East Wind Problem

BBC Sherlock East Wind Final problem kestrelsempai fan music video
Step closer.

From the last episode of what might be the last series of BBC Sherlock. Many thanks to the cast and crew who created such an awesome rendition of these characters.

Took over 2 hours to find the right song, then about another 6 hours to edit this fan music video.

SONG> “503” from the Angels & Demons soundtrack
WRITTEN BY> Hans Zimmer
FOOTAGE> BBC Sherlock Series 4, “The Final Problem”
DATE – January, 2017

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Captain America: Civil War MV - Movie

Civil War Prayer

Civil War Prayer - a kestrelsempai fan music video
May I have the courage …

Haven’t read a lot of comics, not really interested. Absolutely *love* the Marvel Cineverse.

This is what I got out of Captain America: Civil War … relationships, values, choices. This is a slow, could-be-considered-spoilery fan music video that is everything I wanted it to be.

SONG> The Prayer (Wasteland album)
FOOTAGE> Captain America: Civil War
DATE – October 5, 2016

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