Blue Sub 6

Sleepless Blue Water

Sleepless Blue Water
Sleepless Blue Water

Well, after a year’s hiatus, I had to make an amv, and here it is. Not the kind of anime character design I usually like, but the underwater effects in Blue Sub 6 are really impressive and fit with the water imagery in Sylvia Tosun’s song.

I cut this on a laptop using Windows Movie Maker, which for it’s you-can’t-edit-in-less-than-7-frames flaw, is still a fairly decent free program. Just be careful of leaving in flash frames of a previous/next scene because they don’t always show up in the timeline view.

If you like October/November Project’s kind of music, you’ll probably also like Sylvia Tosun>‘s stuff – I know I did.

SONG>: Sleepless Dark Water

ARTIST>Sylvia Tosun

ANIME>: Blue Sub 6

DATE: June, 2004

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