Grave of the Fireflies MV - Anime

Fragile Fireflies

The emotional Grave of Fireflies anime movie to Sting’s haunting song “Fragile”.

It took me 2 years to want to see this anime again after seeing it for the first time, it affected me so much. When I did watch it again, it was to create this video.

My intention was to make a music video that people, whether or not they had seen this anime, would not mind watching more than once. Please let me know if I succeeded.

I did manipulate the video to be consistently black and white. The anime movie has some duotone scenes, but the majority of the Ghibli film is in color.


Fragile : SONG>

Sting : ARTIST>

Grave of the Fireflies : ANIME>

June, 1999 : DATE

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