MV - Anime Vampire Princess Miyu

Angel Banquet

The haunting quality of the opening theme of Joss Whedon’s TV series Angel was the perfect sound I wanted for my Vampire Princess Miyu anime music video.

The VPM OAV (original anime video, compared to a TV series) was one of the first pro-released anime I saw in college. It took me another 5 years to get around to making a music video to it, but here it is. I cut this one in about 3 hours.

There are 4 Vampire Princess Miyu OAVs, and this is from the 2nd one called “A Banquet of Marionettes”.

Angel OP song
Angel – Opening

Angel – Opening Theme : SONG>

Christophe Beck : COMPOSER>

Vampire Princess Miyu OAV : ANIME>

December, 1999 : DATE

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