Sep 14 2012

All AMVs Updated

All anime music video files have been updated to view online and as downloadable files for iPod/iPad, iPhone, and whatever you use to watch QuickTime.

“Miaka’s Secret,” the first anime music video I ever made, is also now available. Fushigi Yuugi means a Due South instrumental.

Dec 26 2010

Burn Notice Season 2 Sreengrab Gallery

Happy Holidays! I’ve updated the screengrab gallery to include Burn Notice Season 2.

The Amazon link you see at the tops of the screen grab pages is an affiliate link, so anything you buy after clicking through will send a few pennies my way. Thank you in advance.

Nov 9 2010

Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” by Christopher Salmon

This project is completely funded – thank you for all who pledged or help spread the word!
This is not my video. I can’t make something this cool. I am able to help fund it and post it here and there and elsewhere to help other people know about it and possible help fund it and post it there and other there and where ever they can.

Neil Gaiman wrote the short story “The Price”. Christopher Salmon, with Neil’s permission and backing, wants to create an animated movie of that short story. The video below tells more of Christopher’s story …

It’s not a music video and other than a bit of money and promoting it with this post, I have nothing to do with this. But I love this kind of creativity and collaboration and telling of story in a different medium from that which it started. And it’s my website. 🙂

Sep 13 2010

Canadian McKay Win

I haven’t received the certificate yet, but I have it on very good authority that “Canadian McKay, Please” won at the Creation Stargate convention recently held in Chicago (click for downloadable versions of the mv, links to the artists’ websites, and lyrics). That makes me very happy, because Creation has just changed their fan music video rules so that you must pick up your winning certificate at the convention or forfeit it. Which means I’ll be entering a lot fewer of their contests since I only attend 1-2 of their cons a year. Bummer, but a fun run while it lasted.

I’ve included the winning Rodney McKay video here for your enjoyment, eh.

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Aug 31 2010

They Love Borg

Just found out my “Love Borg” music video won at the Creation Star Trek convention. Since the convention is over, this fan music video is no longer password protected so you too can enjoy Robert Picardo’s version of the “Love Boat” theme song with a Star Trek twist.

Lyrics and download links on the original First Love Borg post.

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