Aug 7 2010


TOTAL ECLIPSE, last Weather Warden book by Rachel Caine, is now available. Guess who had the honor of creating the promotional music video/book trailer?
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Jul 25 2010

Need Comment Votes for Next KSMV

There are two issue I need to address at this time, and I need your help with one of them.
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Jul 17 2010

Edward Scissorhands Screen Grab Gallery Online

For those of you who want a screen grab gallery of Tim Burton’s movie Edward Scissorhands.

And for me, who needs it to create an Abney Park> fan music video.


Jun 30 2010


Mailed off my first Star Trek fan music video to a contest. I’ll have a copy up and password protected sometime this weekend. After the Star Trek Las Vegas convention> where the contest is held is over, I’ll make the music video public.

May 16 2010

Burn Notice Screen Gallery Now Online

Season 1 of Burn Notice is now available in the Screen Gallery.

Burn Notice

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