Good Omens

Rewrite the End of the World

As soon as I watched it, I knew I wanted to edit one (or more) Good Omens fan music videos. Took some time to find the right song, and longer to be able to buy the DVDs, but this one is finally done. Pulling from 6 episodes worth of material makes for a lot of editing hours, but that’s not much of a hardship when it means spending time with these two.

The Good Omens fandom is one of the most generous I’ve encounter in my (ah) 30+ years, from the creators and actors to the fans themselves. This is my gratitude and contribution for all their efforts.

SONG> – Rewrite the Stars
PERFORMED BY> Zac Efron & Zendaya, written by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul
FOOTAGE> Good Omens
DATE – January 2020

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Case 503: The East Wind Problem

BBC Sherlock East Wind Final problem kestrelsempai fan music video
Step closer.

From the last episode of what might be the last series of BBC Sherlock. Many thanks to the cast and crew who created such an awesome rendition of these characters.

Took over 2 hours to find the right song, then about another 6 hours to edit this fan music video.

SONG> “503” from the Angels & Demons soundtrack
WRITTEN BY> Hans Zimmer
FOOTAGE> BBC Sherlock Series 4, “The Final Problem”
DATE – January, 2017

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mp4, 194 MB






Confident Lucifer

Confident Lucifer kestrelsempai fan music video
I’m the boss right now

Lucifer TV show. Loves, loves, loves. Again

This is my pop/rock-what-you’d-expect-from-a-Lucifer fan music video with lots of cuts. Trimmed the audio down a bit to keep it strong. Maybe once there’s more fotage from Season 2 (YAY!) I’ll use the whole song.

My artsy-emo Lucifer fan music video is over here.

SONG> Confident [clean]
FOOTAGE> Lucifer TV show, Season 1
DATE – May 9, 2016

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Lucifer MV - TV Shows

Deus Meus Lucifer

Lucifer fan music video by kestrelsempai
This thing I hope

Lucifer TV show.  Loves, loves, loves.

This is my artsy-emo version with lots of slow-mo and a few color-treatment effects.  Had notes for the whole song, started editing, might as well have not bothered with the notes.

My pop/rock-what-you’d-expect-from-a-Lucifer fan music video version is over here.

SONG> Deus Meus (ft. Amanda Elswick)
PERFORMED BY> Sleepthief
FOOTAGE> Lucifer TV show, Season 1
DATE – May 7, 2016

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1280 x 720 (M4V, 245 MB)
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The Heartlines of D.I. Jack Robinson

miss fisher murder mysteries florence and the machine fan music video
cannot be returned

My TV Sherpa friends got me hooked on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries>> and I knew I had to do a fan music video to it. Watched some of them on YouTube and found one to Florence & The Machine’s “Heartlines”. Loved the song and wanted to use it to tell Jack’s POV.

Each mv has its own challenges, from limited footage in only a single movie (like The Avengers) to 5 years worth of a television series (like Stargate Atlantis). It’s also fun to make the main character of your mv not be the main character of the footage, which leads to many hours combing through every scene, looking for just the right clip to tell the story you want to tell – seriously, this is how this introvert has three days of fun. 😉

In this case, I wanted to tell Jack’s story, from his first meeting with Phyrne, through adventures and growing trust, to heartbreak and renewed friendship and possibilities.

SONG> – Heartlines
PERFORMED BY> Florence & The Machine
FOOTAGE> Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Season 1 and Season 2
DATE – August 27, 2014

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