Apr 12 2020

Microfiction Kickstarter!

I’m running a Kickstarter to help fund the editing and interior art costs for a 16 story microfiction (300 words or less) collection. This project is keeping me busy as I wait for the border between Canada and the US to open again, so I can go home to Texas. More info on the stories, the art, and the audio files on the Kickstarter campaign through April 27, 2020.

Nov 9 2010

Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” by Christopher Salmon

This project is completely funded – thank you for all who pledged or help spread the word!
This is not my video. I can’t make something this cool. I am able to help fund it and post it here and there and elsewhere to help other people know about it and possible help fund it and post it there and other there and where ever they can.

Neil Gaiman wrote the short story “The Price”. Christopher Salmon, with Neil’s permission and backing, wants to create an animated movie of that short story. The video below tells more of Christopher’s story …

It’s not a music video and other than a bit of money and promoting it with this post, I have nothing to do with this. But I love this kind of creativity and collaboration and telling of story in a different medium from that which it started. And it’s my website. 🙂