Person of Interest

Reese in Darkness

person of interest reese fan music video
In the end, we’re all alone.

Editing to a purely instrumental piece is always more of a challenge than to a song with lyrics. With a short instrumental piece the challenge factor triples because the visuals have to be very focused upon a single theme as there is no room for more. Even though it’s a quarter as long as some of my other fan music videos, it took me as long to edit this one because I started and threw away three other versions before the final one you see here. It’s more of an interest piece or trailer, but if it gets one person to go check out Person of Interest, then it’s purpose has been fulfilled.

This is the Reese fan music video. The Finch fan music video is coming in a few weeks. Also looking for a song that would work for both of them, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or use the Contact page – thanks!

SONG> – Mercy in Darkness
PERFORMED BY> Two Steps from Hell
FOOTAGE> Person of Interest Season 1
DATE – February 5, 2013

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Doctor Who MV - TV Shows

Love and Loss and Oswin

Doctor Who Oswin Love Loss
This is me.

A spoiler-free fan music video using the Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special because I loved The Snowmen so much I made this fan music video within 10 hours of watching the show.

Amy and Rory are a difficult act to follow, but I trust The Moffat and from the two peeks he’s given us of Clara Oswin Oswald, she is going to be an awesome addition to the legend of Doctor Who.

SONG>: Love and Loss

ARTIST>: Two Steps From Hell

FOOTAGE>: Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special: The SnowmenDoctor Who: The Great Detective, Doctor Who Season 7, Part 1,

DATE: December, 2012

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